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Honista is a perfectly crafted 100% secure app for Instagram users. The app is well-copped by developers and we also tested it through different bug & hazard scanners. We conclude that it is 100% safe for your device & Insta account. Get this awesome Honista App for free without any worry.



Honista is a specially designed and fully modified app for Instagram. It will bring a completely a new experience with pro features that are not in the frame of the official app. Go for media download, save Insta reels, break into others' profiles anonymously, and enjoy many privacy features. Overcome all official limits of Insta Pro and bring social freedom with the pro features of the Honista App.


50+ Themes
50+ Themes
No Ads
No Ads
Media Download
Media Download
Ghost Mode
Ghost Mode
App Lock
App Lock

50+ Themes

Honista is a rejigged Insta version that comes with 50+ themes with many customization options. You can try 50 + different app interfaces and colors for your app.

50+ Themes

No Ads

The smart Ad filter of Honista keeps all ads away from users to give uninterrupted on-the-go socializing.

No Ads

Media Download

Unlike official Instagram, Honista allows its users to download all kinds of media content. Users can download reels, IGTV, Insta posts, photos, videos, Profile pictures, etc.

Media Download


1 Is Honista Safe to Use?
Absolutely, Honista prioritizes user safety with strong privacy measures, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.
2 Can I Use Honista Alongside My Official Instagram Account?
Yes, Honista allows you to use both apps concurrently, offering an additional dimension of social media interaction and expression_
3 What Sets Honista Apart from Other Social Apps?
Honista stands out with its unique Ghost Mode, extensive customization options, and ad-free environment, creating a personalized and secure social media haven_
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Honista Store: Unveiling a World of Creative Possibilities
In the dynamic realm of social media, standing out from the crowd often requires a touch of creativity and personalization. The Honista Store, a treasure trove of digital assets and interactive features, has emerged as a haven for users seeking to express themselves in unique and imaginative ways. From emojis and stickers to exclusive chat options, the Honista Store opens the door to a world of creative possibilities, empowering users to elevate their online presence and engage with their audience ..
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Say Goodbye to Ads on Instagram
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It is a fast era of digital advancement and we often experience innovations and advancement in every field. Among other fields of life, the social world is advancing at an unbelievable speed. There are always new apps and different innovations in old apps to improve social experience. Try Instander for best extra features like download high quality photos, videos, IGTV and Reels of instagram.

Despite 100s of social media platforms & apps, Instagram has its unique status in social communities all over the world. It has become a global crush for social media users. Despite the huge amount of popularity and over-the-top success, still there are some limitations on the platform. If you wanna overcome all privacy restrictions and feature limitations then try Honista App. It will vanish all the limitations and bring a non-stop socializing thrill.

Features of Honista

Let's dwell together all the exciting and high-class socializing features of this app.

Unique & Advanced Privacy Settings

There are very limited privacy options in the official version of  Insta Pro but now you can expand your privacy panel. This app allows advanced privacy settings with major customizations. Try privacy options in chats or go for ghost mode for complete anonymity all the way. 

Themes and UI Customization

Personalize your Honista experience with a diverse collection of themes and user interface customization options. Craft a profile that's uniquely yours, visually captivating, and a true reflection of your style.

Font Diversity

There is only a professional text style in the official Insta App. But this rejigged version comes with tons of font styles. You can pick any font design and font style for your chatting and interface. Moreover, you can go with different text styles for conversation and UI.

Ghost Mode

Embrace the world of privacy with Ghost Mode, an innovative feature that lets you navigate through messages, stories, and live broadcasts incognito. Your interactions remain discreet, allowing you to explore without leaving a trace.

App Lock

Now Elevate your privacy and stay secure with a dedicated app lock. Safeguard your personal exchanges and confidential discussions with an added layer of protection. Set finger lock, Pattern, PIN, Password, or your default lock on chats.

Honista Store

This app comes with a built-in asset store that offers free emojis, stickers, and unique chat options. Be expressive and show your emotions & reactions through awesome stickers & emojis. 

Story Sharing Flexibility

Now your Insta stories are no more bound within the app. Story sharing flexibility of this app allows you to share your Insta stories on other platforms as well. Now you can potentially share your Instagram stories on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

Download Videos and Images

Save all Insta post images of others and download different video content from the platform. You can get all sorts of media content in HD quality with this app. 

Comprehensive Post Details

Delve deeper into your posts with comprehensive insights into likes, comments, and interactions. Gain a holistic understanding of your content's reception and engage meaningfully with your audience.

Ad-Free Experience

Immerse yourself in an ad-free environment on Honista, where your focus remains undivided on forging connections and creating captivating content. Enjoy a seamless and distraction-free social experience.

Dark Mode

Experience visual comfort during nighttime browsing with Honista's Dark Mode. Optimize your interface for low-light conditions, reducing strain and enhancing readability.

Content and Ads Filters

Take charge of your content feed by customizing it with Content and Ads Filters. Tailor your browsing experience by removing ads and filtering posts according to your preferences.

Data Consumption Control

You can fully customize the app for reduced data consumption. This app allows you to go with low-resolution quality. Moreover, you can exclude videos from your news feeds to save valuable data MBs.

Backup and Restore Settings

Never lose your personalized settings with the convenient Backup and Restore feature. Seamlessly transfer your preferences between devices, ensuring a consistent and tailored user experience.

Constant Innovation

Experience a platform that evolves with you through Constant Innovation. Honista's commitment to regular updates ensures that you're at the forefront of the latest advancements, enriching your social media journey.

How to Update Honista

Keep your app updated with the latest updates and get new & exciting features. while also striving to enhance the user experience for everyone. Ensure you're on the cutting edge with the ever-updated latest version of the app.  Here is how you can check the latest updates and switch to the latest version with ease. 

  • Launch the Honista app and access Settings from the top toolbar.
  • Within Settings, navigate to the "About Honista" section.
  • Locate the "Check for Updates" option and select it.
  • Give it a moment, and you'll receive a prompt indicating whether a new update is available or not.

How to Personalize Security and Privacy Options?

Our dedication to privacy extends even further, offering you a range of options to maximize confidentiality within the application. Here are key privacy settings:

  • Customize the application icon to resemble that of other apps, such as a clock or notes.
  • Opt to display or conceal the hidden chats icon in the toolbar.
  • Manage notifications visibility for hidden conversations.
  • Secure conversations with pin code or fingerprint locks.
  • Choose whether to reveal or hide hidden conversations in the conversations list.
  • Establish a comprehensive application lock using a password or fingerprint.
  • Automatically activate the application lock after a designated timeframe.
  • Determine the visibility of the app lock icon in the toolbar.
  • Your privacy matters to us, and Honista empowers you with a range of controls to ensure your personal information remains truly private.


Honista is the best MOD of Insta specially for those who are willing to enjoy anonymous socializing and advanced privacy settings. This app brings a lot of in-app customizations with many privacy features. It has ghost Mode, App lock, asset store, and many exciting features that are missing in the official app. Moreover, it allows media download and you can also open others' profile pictures. Its text font styles are awesome to try and you can also go for copy/paste any text on the platform. So switch to this Pro Mod of https://Instapro2.com and enter a new social world of Instagram with advanced features.